Summer School

Program in Plano

Children learn every day and we know that a learning environment is important at all times. That is why we have a summer Montessori program where children can enjoy the continuation of their learning while having fun.

Our summer program provides kids with an opportunity to enjoy more of what the world has to offer. We are aware of the importance of giving kids a chance to explore their interests and participate in activities that enable them to be more physical and stimulate their minds in ways different from what regular school education does. That is why our popular summer program has more outdoor programs, games, field trips, sports and other extra-curricular programs.

You can choose whether your child will do a full unit study, a mini unit or just an activity from one of our themes.

Children attending Kids USA Montessori, children outside our school and children new to Kids USA Montessori can apply and register for the summer session by submitting a registration form, and a non-refundable registration fee.