Montessori Programs Make Learning a Joy!

Welcome to Kids USA Montessori in Plano. We provide superior education for the children in Plano using the Traditional Montessori method. Our mission is to help learners to achieve their inherent potential by providing enriching, purposeful experiences that release their natural aptitude for learning, creativity, appreciation, kindness, curiosity, understanding, and peacefulness.

We have created a loving and caring learning environment for your child. The learning environment encourages cooperation and respect in the classrooms, making learning fun and joyful for all children. We challenge each child to become the best version of themselves in a nurturing environment.

By using the Traditional Montessori approach to educate children, we promote independence, support emotional growth and teach children to embrace differences.

The Montessori learning method allows children to satisfy their natural curiosity by giving them the freedom to explore their environment. At Kids USA Montessori we provide all our learners the necessary freedom. Teachers are there to provide guidance and support and also to facilitate learning.

We have a wide variety of topics for learning that give all the children a well-rounded exposure to the world. We encourage parents to get involved in their children’s education and to make sure learning continues at home in a loving and safe environment.

Our faculty members are highly qualified and Montessori certified. They have many years of experience in Montessori teaching. Each teacher is devoted to helping your child by using the learning curriculum, the daily planned interaction and enrichment programs.


The Curriculum:

The Montessori method is all-inclusive. It suits children with a wide range of personalities, learning abilities and learning preferences. It also suits all types of family expectations. Our curriculum covers:

  • Language development.

  • Mathematics.

  • Science.

  • Sensory perception.

  • Practical Life.

  • Culture.

Kids USA Montessori in Plano provides an incomparable education for infants, toddlers, pre-primary, primary, and elementary levels. We also have summer and after-school programs. All our programs are available fulltime or part time.

For more information about the summer school program in Plano, please call (972)596-5700 or send us an email to Kidsusaplano@gmail.com